What It Takes to Impress a Thai Woman

Dating in Thailand isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are many things to consider before you get in a relationship with a Thai woman. Culture, for one, is a factor that can immensely affect the journey of your relationship. Going in unprepared in a relationship is like walking straight into a cliff — you’re basically setting yourself up for failure.

Playing your cards right is the key to attaining a lasting relationship. Knowing the right time, planning your approach and just painstakingly considering your choices in general.

Dating a Thai women is no different from dating other women, but there are some particularities that you must pay attention to. Cultural differences is one of them.

Although Thai women in general are amiable and timid due to their upbringing, it never hurts to be careful on how you are to make advances.

Western Men are Appealing to Thai Women

There is an extensive belief that western men are able to provide much better than the local men, which is more often than not, true in some way. A financially stable significant other is much more appealing to Thai women.

Although a few are not so discreet with their agenda, Thai women are still loyal and caring towards their partners. They have been raised with the idea that they are to be attentive to their significant other’s needs; this was what was to be expected of them once these women got married.

Besides, you can’t really blame them if they are searching for a man who can provide economic protection, most especially in these times of need.

Thai men aren’t really renowned for their monogamy, another factor that causes Thai girls to shift their preference in men. A man having more than one partner has been normalized in Thailand. And even though polygamy is no longer legal in Thailand, this practice has never really dissipated over the years.

The mia noi, or the second wife in Thai, is said to harbor the most affection in comparison to the original wife. Not wanting to feel neglected, Thai girls run to

western men in hopes of a better life. I mean why would they bother putting themselves with all the trouble of marrying a man who doesn’t really love you?

Overcoming the Language barriers

Communication is always the key to a healthy long-term relationship. This is the bridge that connects you and your significant other with one another. But what if you don’t speak the same language with your significant other? How will you be able to communicate?

The language barrier is indeed bothersome at times. There are so many things left unsaid that can immensely affect your relationship in the long run.

It is not often that you encounter a Thai local that is fluent in English. Learning English is only necessary when conducting business negotiations with Foreigners. Otherwise, there isn’t much of a need for Thai locals to learn English.

You would have to take it to yourself to learn Thai to better communicate with the Thai woman you are interested in. Not only do you get to learn more about her, but you will also be greatly appreciated by taking the effort to learn her native tongue. You don’t really need to be fluent. Even your little slips of the tongue may seem endearing to her.

Thai girls are most likely to learn English in exchange. This goes to show how much she genuinely wants to get along with you. If you are to meet each other halfway, overcoming the language barriers will be a piece of cake.

Capture the hearts of Thai Girls

Impressing women is a struggle most men share. We can’t exactly guarantee your first successful attempt of charming a Thai woman may work on the next, since there are many types of Thai women out there. But if you are wondering where to start looking for ways to impress Thai women, you can try these ones:

  • Shower her with gifts

If you want to start courting Thai women, best start with the simplest way: a Gift. Frankly, it doesn’t take much to impress a Thai woman. So as long as you are genuine, she will understand your true intentions.

Gift giving can be a difficult task when your knowledge is put to the test. How well do you know your lover? Not to mention there are some superstitious beliefs surrounding specific gifts such as handkerchiefs, shoes black clothes and specific flowers. So choose your gift wisely.

  • Affection

Affection can come in many forms — Physical touch, Loving Words, Kind gestures. Physical intimacy in thai dating culture is what keeps the love alive.

Public displays of affection are considered taboo in Thailand. Holding hands is perfectly fine. But as for hugs and kisses? That will surely raise some eyebrows.

There are some times that words can say what love can’t. A picture may say a thousand words, but it only takes a few words for your love to be heard. A simple “Are you okay” or “You look beautiful” speaks volumes on how you feel. Of course, “I love you” is the quickest way to get your message across, but nevertheless you should never forget to shower her with affection.

  • Immersing yourself in her culture

Learning about other cultures is fun, most especially when it’s with your significant other. Think about the time you can spend with each other learning about her roots! Time wisely spent methinks.

You can also learn about the taboos of Thai culture this way. If you are to visit her, be sure to observe and follow their customs and tradition.

  • Build a relationship with her family

Thai people are family oriented. Winning the favor of her family is most likely to leave her impressed. I mean, what woman wouldn’t be elated if the man she’s interested in is getting along with her family? You’re basically marriage material in her eyes. With that, you can possibly overcome one of the most difficult obstacles in a relationship: receiving her family’s blessings.

Understanding Thai women

Understanding a Thai woman can help improve your relationship dynamics with them. So if you want to make it far into your relationship, take note of these points and you will surely have a healthy and stable relationship.

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