Thai Phrases For Dating in Bangkok

Thailand is a land rich with a lot of amazing things. It’s birthed martial arts, glorifies elephants, and has some of the strictest lèse-majesté laws in the world. It also has some of the most beautiful women in the world, which attracts foreign men from all over the world because they want to date these beautiful Thai women.

But there are a couple of hindrances that’ll make dating a Thai girl somewhat difficult for a western man and the first is the distance. But distance can easily, if expensively, be solved with a plane ticket.

Another, more complicated, impediment is language. You can pay for a language class the same way that you can pay for a plane ticket, but you might not learn anything from that class.

But the great thing is that you won’t need a complete mastery of the Thai language in order to romance the women there. You might find that you can get by with just a few phrases.

When Asking Someone Out

  • khun dtâwng-gaan thîi jà bpai thaan múue khâm gàp phŏm mái / Would you like to go to dinner with me?

Dinner is often the meal that people go out on during a first date or any date. So you’re going to want to go with this phrase when you’re first asking someone one on what could be the first of many dates.

  • khun dtâwng-gaan thîi jà àawk bpai thîiao gàp chăn mái / Would you like to hang out with me?

If you’re not sure that someone wants to date you but you want to spend time with them. So you suggest hanging out. Not a dinner or a date per se, but definitely a commitment to spend time together without any romantic expectations but also with some romantic possibility.

  • săo aa-thít níi khun wâang mái / Are you free this weekend?

But before you can spend any time with someone, you’ve got to make sure that they have time to spend. You do this by simply asking them if they have free time. If they say that they do, then you’ve got an opening to ask her out and hopefully that can turn into something a little more than just a date, like maybe a relationship.

  • mûuea-rai chăn jà jooe khun dâai ìik / When can I see you again?

At the end of the date, if it goes well, then you’re going to want to repeat the experience. It’s like how you want a second piece of a really good cake. If you get something good, you’re going to want more of it. So you’re going to want to ask your date if she’d like to go out with you again.

There are a lot of things that you can say to get a date. But simply asking for one is usually a pretty good way to go.

Compliments For Your Lady

  • khun duu dii jang / You look great.

One of the easiest ways to compliment someone is to tell them that they look great. It’s not a difficult compliment, especially since it’s likely to be true. In essence, you’re not so much complimenting her as you are simply stating a fact.

  • khan nâa-rák mâak / You are so cute.

Another way to compliment her but in a more specific way is to tell someone that she looks cute. Much like the above, you’ll simply be stating a fact in most cases by calling your lady cute.

  • Khun sǔuay mâak / You are so beautiful.

One more compliment that you can give to your lady is to call her beautiful. Not just saying she looks great, not just calling her cute, but calling her beautiful. There’s something about the world that elevates it above merely being cute.

So memorize this phrase because it’s going to be a very important one when you’re dating a Thai woman.

Declaring Your Feelings

  • Chǎn lǒng rák thooe yùu / I’ve got a crush on you.

If you’re into someone but it’s not quite the level where you can safely say that you’re in love with them, you can tell them that you’ve got a crush on them. You can declare romantic feelings without going overboard with how strongly you feel.

  • Rao gòoet maa khûu gan / We were meant to be together.

On the exact opposite end of the above’s spectrum, there’s this phrase. Declaring that you believe you were meant to be with someone isn’t just saying that you’re in love with them, it’s you saying that you believe that you were made for each other.

If you’re going to be in Thailand, you’re going to need to know the language. Not just because you’re going to order things or find your way back to your hotel room or train station, but also because there’s someone there who could be right for you. But you might miss the chance to be with her because you can’t understand what the other is saying. So if you don’t want to miss that kind of an opportunity, then you’re going to need to know some phrases.

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