How to Make Thai Women Feel Special

When it comes to our loved ones, we never run short of ways to shower them with love. Even the simplest act can make them happy.

Thailand isn’t big on public displays of affection. Still, there are other ways that you can express your love in a socially acceptable manner.

When it comes to expressing themselves, Thai women are more reserved. That’s mostly because Thai people generally avoid any sort of confrontation, be it a conflict or minor inconvenience.

In urbanized cities such as Chiang Mai and Krung Thep, calling others out would likely garner you a few stares under the watchful eyes of passersby. Curiously enough, publicly shaming in Thailand is more humiliating for the one shaming, not for the one being shamed.

Losing face is a huge matter in Thai culture, which is why most (if not all) Thais opt to keep to themselves. They wouldn’t want to ruin anyone’s day by being a bother.

The women of Thailand most often fall victim to this behavior. They were raised with the idea that keeping your heads down is the best way to keep out of trouble.

Unfortunately, this causes them to internalize their problems.

It’s easy to befriend a Thai woman, but getting them to open up is another matter entirely.

What she is going through right now might be too puzzling for you, and you might not even be well equipped to deal with it.

Instead, you can support her in your own little ways. Here are a few things you can do to make her day:

Set your phone aside when talking to her

This may be a small gesture, but rest assured she will appreciate this.

When she speaks to you, you have to give your 100% attention. You wouldn’t want to make her think that you don’t care. Otherwise she definitely wouldn’t open up.

Thai women can be quite stubborn, especially if they feel slighted.

We can’t avoid getting distracted by notifications sometimes. But, no matter how many times your phone would persistently ring, your eyes should never stray away.

You don’t need to understand the Thai language to know how incredibly rude it is to look at your phone in a conversation.

Fetching her from work

Anyone would be drained after their work hours. Your partner is likely to become even more tired when riding the public transit.

Not to mention, by the time she gets out of work, Thailand’s night market would be in full swing. The road can be unsafe during these times, with the danger of pickpockets and thieves.

Having someone to accompany her when going home is much better than having her go home alone. And if you come across a stall that suits her fancy, you might get to spend more time with each other.

It would do you both good if you ensure that she arrives home safely. As long as she is comfortable enough to allow you, of course.

Checking up on her at random times of the day

Although most Thais are considerate and kind, there’s only so much that they can tolerate.

These little droplets of animosity will eventually fill the bottle and burst from overload. The best way to ease this stress is to distract them from how they’re feeling.

It doesn’t take much time or effort to call your partner when she’s free. You can even text her sweet messages at any time of the day.

It’ll be a good reminder that someone cares for her.

Staying by her side at parties

Don’t get me wrong, Thai people make great company for parties. After all, they go out of their way to make sure their guests are well fed and attended to.

But with the number of people these parties have, it can get overwhelming. You know how a kid feels when they lose their mom at the grocery?

That’s how she feels when she loses you at a party.

She might feel uncomfortable by herself. To make sure that she gets to enjoy the night without a hitch, stick to her side.

Your partner will appreciate you looking out for her.

Plan a day exclusively for her

You want to focus on her and her alone — meaning distractions whatsoever. Save for emergencies, your phone should be tucked in your pocket or bag at all times.

Weekdays can get hectic, and you both need to recharge to get back on your feet.

Mutually decide on a day exclusively for each other. Much better if you establish this as a weekly routine, that way you get to look forward to it after work.

Complimenting her when she tries out new things

If your partner comes out of her comfort zone and tries something new, you encourage her. This allows her to step out of the usual and explore new things.

It’s a psychological fact that we imitate the person we like. But overdoing it will lead you to destroy your identity.

You are your own person, and so is she. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. If you trust her enough to show her who you really are, she will as well.

Caress her when she feels stressed

Though Thai people look down on public displays such as hugging or kissing, some of them are still dependent on physical affection.

Scientific studies show affectionately touching a person has emotional and physical health benefits.

Even a simple head pat can make a person feel fuzzy and warm. And if the affection is widely received, then she most probably would feel comfortable.

Powerful romantic gestures do the most to get anyone by their day.

Affirming Your Love for Your Thai Partner

Thai women greatly appreciate a man who tends to their needs. They seek validation if they don’t feel good about themselves.

Take every opportunity to assure your partner that you love her. There are so many gestures of love out there.

Hearing words of affirmation will make her feel great, and you can also show your love with actions or deeds.

If you shower her with love, she’ll eventually be more open and expressive.

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