Gifts Thai Women Love to Receive

People like having nice things. It’s a part of being human to be affected by your society and in Thailand, people are told to want certain things pretty much from the moment that they’re born. Which is why Thai women enjoy getting gifts.

One paper, giving someone a gift seems easy enough. Buy something for a person and then give it to them. There are some steps in between, like wrapping paper and writing a card, but the two most important steps are to acquire an item for a person and then make sure that said person gets the item.

However, the process becomes really complicated when finding the right gift becomes an arduous task.

So when you are giving a gift to someone, particularly someone that you are romantically involved with, then you’re going to want to be careful with the kind of gift that you give because you want to be considerate and get her what she wants but you also don’t want to give her the wrong message.

Practical Gifts

Well, you can step in and fill that need.

1. A New Computer

If you’re an American man dating a Thai woman, then there’s going to be some distance involved until you can get the paperwork allowing you to live in the same country sorted out.

But you can bridge that distance with technology. Sure, it’s not the same as being in the same room as her, but it’s better than nothing. There are a few ways you can make the experience a little better, like having devices that work properly.

Getting your lady a new computer can be great for a lot of reasons. For one, it’ll make communicating with her a lot easier, especially if you’re getting her a high-end device. But it’ll also make her life easier since a faster computer can make accessing the internet a lot easier.

Plus, women spend a lot of time getting ready so they can look pretty. But a low quality webcam can render all her effort for naught. But if you get her a new laptop, one with a good quality webcam, then you’ll get to see just how pretty she makes herself and you’ll get to see it in full HD resolution.

2. A New Phone

Another thing that can make communicating with your lady love a lot easier is a new phone. Unlike laptops and computers, phones evolve a lot faster. A ten-year-old desktop can work fine with a few replacement parts, but modern software may be too much for a similarly-aged phone.

So if your lady is still using an older phone, then the device’s age may be an impediment to you being able to communicate with her while she’s going about her day.

3. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Long distance relationships succeed because the people involved communicate with one another. But communication over Zoom or Skype or FaceTime is a lot easier when both people can properly hear each other.

The great thing about noise cancelling headphones is that they can filter out any outside noise, which means that the wearer is only going to hear what they’re connected to. If your partner is connected to her computer and talking to you, then all she’ll hear is you and vice-versa.

4. A Really Big Suitcase

If you’re dating a Thai woman, then chances are that you’re going to want to bring her over to you if you don’t intend to move to Thailand. Well, moving countries can be quite the difficult thing to do, because she’ll have to pack up the parts of her life that she wants to take with her to be with you.

Here’s the thing about packing up a life — it’s not easy, not the least of which is because even being selective about the parts she takes with her, little things can add up. So having a big suitcase can go a long way towards packing up a life, because at least she’ll be able to better fit the parts of her life that she’s going to take with her.

Romantic Gifts

1. An Engagement Ring

This gift is both practical in that it’s a traditional part of courtship and romantic in that it symbolizes that you’re ready to take what is seen as the next step of courtship and get married.

But hold off on giving any kind of ring if you’re not ready for that step because any ring that you present her with can be misconstrued as an engagement ring. It would disappoint her immensely if you give her a ring and it’s not to propose marriage.

2. Some Other Kind of Jewelry

So if you’re not ready to get hitched just yet but you still want to get your lady love something nice and shiny. Well, you can get some jewelry, like a tennis bracelet. Bracelets can be very meaningful without necessarily indicating that you want to get married.

3. A Stuffed Animal

Stuffed animals don’t have a lot of practical use. Sure, they can be used as pillows in a pinch, but they have no real use other than that. But just because they have no practical value doesn’t mean they have no value.

Stuffed animals make for great romantic gifts, especially if they’re acquired by winning a carnival game that supposedly demonstrates your masculinity, like shooting paper ducks or swinging a hammer so that a bell gets rung.

4. Flowers

Probably the least practical but most romantic when it comes to gifts is a bouquet of flowers. Flowers die pretty quickly, even when you put them in water. But there’s nothing quite like a bouquet when it comes to romance.

Not A Gift, But A Big Part Of It

So, if you do find yourself in a bind trying to find some way to materially express how you feel about a person, then you can always look at romantic staples or you can think about the things that she may need and go from there.

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